FAFF 2023 Online
12 November 2023 – 26 November 2023

The Factual Animation Film Festival programme consists of two blocs of curated screenings.

Programme 1

The Waiting
Director: Voker Schlecht
Duration: 15:35
Karen Lips is researcher and lives for several years in a tiny little shack in Costa Rica to observe frogs. When she leaves the cloud forest for a short time and returns, the frogs are gone. All of them. Karen sets out to find them – and encounters a horrible truth.

Our infinite sonic space for being otherwise
Director: Irene Izquierdo
Duration: 2:20
What is free improvisation and why do people practice it? Members of the Blank Canvas Octet tell us about their passion while different elements representing sounds interact with each other in a playful way.

It was Coming Towards!
Director: Lívia Janoch
Duration: 08:36
The short based on several interviews, recorded in Budapest. The characters are the representations
of the lower social classes. The film trying to show the truth of these people, the people who missed
the blessings of globalization, and left out in suburbia.

A Taste For Music
Director: Jordan Antonowicz-Behnan
Duration: 5:07
Living with a sick loved one can have benefits and problems, a self-reflected documentary inspired by the memories and the record collection of the director’s father.

Everything Must Go
Director: Alisha Liu
Duration: 3:58
People talk about yard sales, objects, and memories.

Discussions animées entre entendeurs de voix
Director: Tristan Thil
Duration: 12:12

Cesspit of Freedom
Director: Oran Rose O’Sullivan
Duration: 1:30
United Kingdom
The police’s consistent harassment of a popular gay bar heralds the UK’s first national Gay Pride March, taking place in the textiles town of Huddersfield, 1981.

Programme 2

Echoes of Memory
Director: Yifu Feng
Duration: 8:54
I heard the echoes of memory from the painting I had drawn unconsciously.

The End of the World
Director: Ali Aschman
Duration: 3:00
How do we relate to the concept of climate catastrophe on a personal level? The filmmaker draws a parallel between various threats of climate change and her own visceral and emotional experience of grieving after an immense and sudden loss, questioning her capacity to care about humanity yet nonetheless showing a glimmer of hope for the future.

Slower Animals
Director: John Christopher Kelley
Duration: 7:00
While aimlessly following a winter goose migration across the American south, a professor slips in and out of childhood memories that all surround a forgotten trauma. This short animated film explores the ways we are shaped; both by what we remember and what we forget.


Mixtape for a Drowned Rabbit.

It wasn’t Bourgogne
Director: Mathias de Panafieu
Duration: 6:38
Between two telephone calls, my grandfather recounts some of his memories from the war when he was twenty years old.

The Pink Jacket
Director: Mónica Santos
Duration: 08:20
A political musical film about a Pink Jacket that always has something up his sleeve. In the comfort of his home, Casaco Rosa uses couture and torture to stitch up the opponents of the system.