FAFF 2020 Programme

All Her Dying Lovers

5:30, Germany, 2020

Directed by Anna Benner & Eluned Zoe Aiano

Beyond Borders

4:47, India, 2020

Directed by Isha Mangalmurti

Drop By Drop

9:15, Portugal, 2017       

Directed by Alexandra Ramires and Laura Gonçalves

Fata Morgana

11:04, Israel, 2019          

Directed by Daniella Bokor and Leanna Berkovitch

Forgotten Voices of D-Day

1:45, UK, 2020                 

Directed by Peter Roch and Jason Davidson

Grab My Hand

5:12, USA, 2020

Directed by Camrus Johnson and Pedro Piccinini


5:07, USA, 2020

Directed by Amanda Lynn Kim


1:20, UK, 2020

Directed by Zainab Sanyang

Hit And Run

4:18, UK, 2020

Directed by Hannah Brewerton

My Dream, My Taste

2:30, UK, 2020

Directed by Emily Downe

Nadirah: Coal Woman

2:23, UK,  2019                

Directed by Negar Elodie Behzadi and Kate Jessop

Night Night

2:57, UK, 2020

Directed by Chenyao Zang

The Nightingale & The Bomber

2:00, UK, 2020

Directed by Katie Stacey and Luke Massey

Not For Money, Not For Love, Not For Nothing

14:26, UK, 2020

Directed by John Robert Lee

The Peacock In The Room

2:32, UK, 2019  

Directed by Sanjana Chandrasekhar

Right Now, I Am

4:54, UK, 2020

Directed by Ciara Kerr

Sea Ya  

1:54 USA, 2020

Directed by Yani Sun

Technology For Talking

5:23, UK, 2019

Directed by Jemima Hughes

Together | Fragmented

1:30, UK, 2020

Directed by Flora Martyr

Vicky & Xingyu

3:44, USA

Directed and animated by 15 students in USC’s CTAN 470 Documentary Animation Production class